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Autos:  Kelly's Blue Book   Edmunds   CarsDirect - buy new cars, trucks, or SUVs on your time, on your terms - online

Consumer Info:  Consumer Information - Gov

Financial News:  cnnfn

Financial Tools:  

    FinanCenter - Homes, Autos, Credit Cards, Investing, Insurance... 

    The Vanguard Group - Free online investment planning tools. - Tools for financial planning and more...

    Loan Calculator - and other loan resources

    POWERHOUSE™ - save time and money in the home buying process

Insurance:  Term life insurance online save 25-75%

Legal Resources:  Free Legal advice

Other Resources:   Phone Free

Shopping Services: 

    Business Book Review™

    CNET Shopper - Find the best price on electronics. 

    Coolsavings - print coupons from your pc, get rebates, free stuff, and more...

    Cyber Rebate - where everything comes with a mail in rebate.

    FreeShop - thousands of free and trial offers. - Name your price on travel, hotels, groceries...

    ValuePass - free coupons

Stock Quotes:  

Stock Brokers Online:   Scottsdale securities


    IRS - Great resource      

    Tax Resources - Various tax resources


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