The links below offer a variety of golf tips and tricks for the avid golfer.  Suggestions and contributions are welcome. 


Fun and Fundamentals of Learning to Play Anti Slice Swing Bunkers
Most Important Golf Shot Club Position Loft and Driving
10 Strokes Off Your Game

Lob Shot

Playing the Rough
Golf Etiquette Long Irons Playing the Wind
Improve your Swing Putting Shank
Practice and Success

Short Irons

Side-Hill Lies
power tip line up Skying the ball
Building Confidence Angle Approach Course Management
Impact Position Driving Tips keep wrist firm
grip prepare for 1st 3 rounds
set up


Golf Quotes by Nick:
Golf isn't about hitting the ball where you want it to go.  It's about not
hitting the ball where don't want it to go.



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