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Sports Chat:  Chris "let me tell you something" Edwards (also known as The Slacker because he is behind in writing this feature) has been replaced.

Ed "I know everything" Rosenberg is our new featured Sports Rant provider.  Enjoy.

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Sports Rant 

Eagles New Stadium Plan

I think this is one of the most ridiculous plans I have ever seen for several reasons:


Diehard birds fans, most of which have to scrape together the money to pay for their season tickets anyway, will be out of luck. That 15% insult is an absolute insult. So much for fan loyalty.  Why should the fans help pay for a stadium that they will not profit from?  Is this even legal?  


Why don't the issue corporate bonds to raise the money like many companies do. Fans would be proud to "own" a piece of the team they have loved for so many years.  


I for one can afford this "license" but there is no way in hell I would do

it. I would rather spend $300 on a satellite dish than to put more money in

the pockets of the Eagles front office. They want a new stadium - let them

pay for it - let the city pay for it. They are the ones who will reap the



They want the fans to spend $2000 for the privilege to buy tickets that will

most certainly go up in price anyway. I'll spend the two grand when they

dish out some cash for a decent free agent.


I'm sure ticket prices will go up this year regardless - and probably for the

next five years. And on top of that they have cut the number of "available"

tickets in half. The fact that there is a new stadium will generate more

interest in season tickets which will make it even more difficult to get

them. And I suppose they figure over the next two seasons they will be able

to get rid of those 700 Level season tickets that they try to peddle every

year because that will get you a 15% discount - are current season ticket

holders able to purchase some of the 56% seats that are not "licensed"? or do

they get in line with everyone else?


Did Jeff Lurey have the public pay $2000 a year for the right to buy movie

tickets to one of his movies?


The fact that they are considering this plan would prevent me from purchasing

season tickets - even the ones that don't require a "license". I have a real

sour taste in my mouth right now and this whole idea epitomizes greed and

selfishness. I think I'll begin rootin for the Ravens. I can save money by

driving down to their games each Sunday, and see a better product to boot.


- One Disenchanted Fan


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